The defeat in the quarterfinals of the ice hockey world championship cost the coach Finns (video)

Поражение в четвертьфинале чемпионата мира по хоккею стоило тренеру финнов работы (видео)

The sensation ended the match between the national teams of Finland and Switzerland at the ice hockey world championship, held in Denmark. Scandinavians are considered the favorites of the match, the minimum lead after the first period, but failing the second 20 minutes where we conceded three goals and were unable to save the match. Defeat 2:3 and the departure after the quarterfinals was worth Lauri Marjamaki designated head coach of “Suomi”: for two years (in 2016 Marjamaki succeeded as brown Jalonen after the defeat in the world Cup final against Canada) Finnish team under his leadership did not win any medals in major tournaments. From next season the Finns will coach Jukka Jalonen. And the Swiss for the first time in five years made it to the semifinals of the world championship — in 2013 they reached the final match of the world championship, which, however, lost to Sweden (1:5).

The world Champions, the Swedes are not without problems defeated the team of Latvia. After an exchange of goals in the second period, tied score held until the start of the final 20 minutes, when the “tre kronor” efforts of Arvidsson and Ekman-Larsson secured a comfortable advantage. The Baltic States reduced the gap to a minimum, but not enough. 2:3 — and the Swedes continue to defend the world title.

Team USA in the first period of the match with the Czechs were leading by two goals, but in the second allowed the opponents to equalize. Ultimately decisive was the puck of the captain of the “staties” Patrick Kane (the best at the world Cup on the system “goal + pass” — 8 goals and 11 assists), apply in game reserves.

Saturday, may 19, in the semi-finals will play: Sweden — USA (beginning at 16:15 on the Kiev time), Canada — Switzerland (20:15).


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