The delights of Tourville

Les délices de Tourville

There are novels that are like candy : a little something to sweeten the day, a flavor that makes you want to plunge back into the bag. And Go to Tourville tastes really very good.

Pierre Rancourt, warns at the opening of his first novel : he was inspired by his childhood, but this is not an autobiography. Although…

Then it starts, with good humor : “My parents followed the calendar method. So, what should not happen has happened. That is to say, me. “

It was not the only baby, as the couples in the village had attended a retreat a parish where the priest had been clear : to reproduce you ! Each was passed to the action, and thus the population of Tourville was it enriched by new parishioners.

Daniel, the narrator of the story, tells us all about it from the top of its nine years.

It is in the mid 50’s, while Tourville himself is at the centre of the world, since it is located battery to the half way point between the city of Quebec and Edmundston, New Brunswick. The trains stop to refuel coal.

But modernity is fast approaching, and locomotives to diesel engine have begun to circulate on the rails. Especially, the first televisions came to the village, to the shop of Ti-Gilles Fournier.

For Daniel, it is a revelation. To him, the child who is not athlete, but a lover of words and books, find all the excuses to go to the neighbor to listen to the tv and discover all the stories she has to offer. And have a lightning bolt absolute for Janette Bertrand.

Family to him is too modest to obtain the device, and then each one has his own business, in fact its worries. And the biggest, we’re not talking about especially not the death of her little sister, Rachel, whose Daniel was a witness. To whom to entrust his sentence ? But to his dear Janette ! It will write.

This dark drama, it is the black liquorice in the heart of the sweet. But around, there’s packing in his paper shimmering, and then all the layers of colored sugar, and grain that add to the sweetness.

A time

Because Daniel tells us about the life of a village and in an era that is emerging, as seen by a child. Duplessis, the instructions of the clergy, the car accidents on the roads poorly drawn, the performances of the parish hall…

Lovers of the popular history of Quebec will be served by the many social and cultural references that dot the narrative. Lovers of phrases, beautifully filmed will also be on the Appointment to Tourville – you can guess the fun that took the author to dig in the words that the language offers him.

And people sensitive to stories simple without being simplistic will like to see how a little boy keeps in his heart a terrible tragedy while throwing a twinkle in her eye on life.

And it gives great desire for other sweets !

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