The demand for cottages explodes

La demande pour les chalets explose

The attraction of a lake has never been greater, even as a rental. The pandemic, and the context of telework have been an explosion in the demand for chalets in the regions surrounding the metropolis.

“In the Laurentians, we are talking about in excess of 50% of additional sales for the month of June. Lanaudière, it’s the same thing with 58%. The Montérégie and the eastern Townships, therefore the set of territories outside of major centres, such as Montreal, are experiencing a craze, it is clear,” says Louis-Charles Ménard, president of the agency RE/MAX.

The future purchasers of a property secondary are willing to invest a lot of money. The average budget hovers around 350 000 to 400 000$.

“At the exit of the containment, the inventory was very, very, very low. I would tell you that for several days, several weeks, we find ourselves in a multiple offer situation that we had not seen since at least a decade”, added Mr Ménard.

The expert Group building Burex Sylvain Brosseau reminds us that it is important to do some homework before you succumb to the charm of a chalet for do not end up with problems once it had passed at the notary.

“The three most important points are: is what I am in a flood risk area? Is it that I have a septic tank, which is in line with the certification of the municipality? Is it that I have drinking water in the building? And it is necessary to monitor the smells, the odors of mould, odours, etc. in the buildings” listed the expert on VAT New.

Telework and the containment have demonstrated to many workers that it was possible to live permanently at one hour of Montreal. This will be the choice of Jean-Pierre Lortie, who built a house in Morin Heights in the Laurentians.

“We thought coming to work maybe three days a week here. There, it has increased. And now with telecommuting, I no longer really need to be in Montreal,” explains Mr. Lortie.

This could even expand in the coming years, believes Paul Cardinal, of the Association of professional construction and housing of Quebec (APCHQ).

“The Laurentides and the eastern Townships are places that could also find themselves the winners. There are people who may be of secondary residences, which are close to retirement and who are going to decide to make this their permanent residence,” says Mr Cardinal.

-With the information of Richard Olivier

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