The detachment physics in the aircraft unrealistic

La distanciation physique à bord des avions irréaliste

Keep empty seats to aircraft to comply with the rule of detachment physics is unrealistic to the extent that the cost would be too high, said Thursday a leader of the first airline in the Middle East, Emirates, based in Dubai.

With a fleet of 270 wide-body aircraft, the company discontinued its activities at the end of march due to the pandemic of novel coronavirus, before the return two weeks later. Emirates plans to serve 58 cities by mid-August, compared to 157 or so before the health crisis.

“It is good to discuss the detachment physics in the aircraft ( … ), but we want to go back to normal,” said Boutros Boutros, head of communications, Emirates, at a conference on artificial intelligence in Dubai.

“A plane is made to be filled. Having empty seats isn’t an option unless they are paid for by the passengers, ” he added.

Emirates announced at the end of last week up to 9000 job cuts on a workforce of 60,000 employees. Its president, Tim Clark, has estimated that it would take four years for a return to normal.

The CEO of airports of Dubai, Paul Griffith, said for his part that the impact of the COVID-19 on the Dubai international airport had been “rapid” and ” significant “.

“We went from 1100 flights per day, or 280 000 passengers, with 17 flights in three days,” he said at the same conference.

He added that 44 000 passengers passed through the airport during the month of may, roughly the same number for four hours on a normal day.

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