The details of the investigation Russian will not be revealed before the presidential

Les détails de l’enquête russe ne seront pas révélés avant la présidentielle

The supreme Court of the United States has accepted Thursday an appeal of Donald Trump, which aims to prevent the Congress access to confidential parts of the report of investigation on the suspicion of collusion between Moscow and its campaign team in 2016.

The choice of the high court has the practical effect of blocking all access to these documents before the presidential election of 3 November.

After more than two years of investigation, the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller had made in march 2019, a report of over 400 pages, a version of which largely redacted, was then made public.

It concluded that not having found “sufficient evidence” of an agreement between Russia and the entourage of the candidate for Trump, but described a series of pressures troubling exerted on its investigation.

The House of representatives, democratic majority, is trying for access to the elements cut off, suspecting the president of having committed ” obstacles to justice “.

It calls in particular for the access to the information obtained by the “grand jury” of citizens ‘ groups that instruct confidential the serious charges.

In march, a federal court of appeal had held that the judicial commission of the Chamber could have access to the information collected in this framework. The republican administration was then turned to the supreme Court.

It was accepted on Thursday of this appeal, that it will not review until the autumn for a decision in 2021. In the meantime, the decision of the court of appeal is suspended.

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