The development and management of the Frontignan coastline debated at the municipal council

The development and management of the Frontignan coastline debated at the municipal council

Les élus de Frontignan avaient rendez-vous mercredi dans la salle Voltaire. MIDI LIBRE – PHILIPPE MALRIC

La gestion du trait de côte et le projet d’aménagement et de développement durable de Frontignan ont été évoqués lors du conseil municipal du 19 juin.

After a tribute to Josette Magurno, elected from 1989 to 1995, recently deceased, the municipal council of Frontignan, meeting on Wednesday June 19 in the Voltaire room, focused in particular on two future issues: management of the coastline as well as the second debate of the Sustainable Planning and Development Project.

Modification of the Plu at Frontignan-plage

The first is sort of a writing game, but it means a lot. Since the Climate and Resilience law but also the inclusion of the municipality on the decree list of cities affected by coastal erosion, the City must modify its Plu (Local Urban Planning Plan) "in terms of planning the management of the coastline retreat", as indicated by Frédéric Aloy, the deputy to the’ rsquo;town planning. Thus the Development Partnership Project (PPA) that the municipality is carrying out with the agglomeration will focus on four axes: qualifying vulnerabilities, developing a land strategy, designing the scenario of spatial recomposition of Frontignan- beach and implement the modalities of association of socio-economic actors and residents.

Are you going to ban all construction?

"Will you ban any construction or expansion on Frontignan-plage ?", a asked Gérard Prato, the leader of the opposition. "For the moment, we are only at the opening of studies", replied Frédéric Aloy. We have three years to revise the Plu". "For us, it’s not like other municipalities, said Mayor Michel Arrouy, We have been controlling this area for around twenty years. For the moment it can do without construction sites but it is under the supervision of State services".

The main urban orientations until 2036

The other future deliberation concerned the second debate on the general orientations of the Sustainable Planning and Development Project (PADD). A document which sets the main urban planning orientations of the city in accordance with the new rules of land use and sustainable development over a dozen years until 2036. Since its presentation last year, last year some changes occurred. The main one being the production of housing by the deadline: it increases to 1,640 housing units compared to 1,745 as previously considered.

Rue des Lierles: burial in September

The municipal council has validated the burying and renovation of the public lighting network on rue des Lierles. This work, which will begin in September, includes undergrounding the France Telecom, Enedis and public lighting networks and provides for the installation of more energy-efficient lighting fixtures with LED lighting. The final expenditure for the municipal budget will be around 53,000 euros.

I hope to be alive in 2036

"Defending the environment is important, but it can turn into scam, commented Gilles Ardinat, from the opposition. This PADD is a catalog of good intentions but we see nothing objectionable in it." " I admire what you have done, noted, for his part, Gérard Prato. It’s very coherent. But there are concerns about population growth, the environment, renewable energy and not consuming space." And to conclude& ;nbsp;: "I hope to be alive in 2036 to see if you have applied what you present. I wish you courage".

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