The devil retired in a new trailer of the series “Lucifer” from Netflix

In the fourth season there will be a new character – Eva

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Дьявол в отставке в новом трейлере сериала "Люцифер" от Netflix


Streaming service Netflix, which officially extended the series “the Academy “umbrella” for a second season, has released a trailer for the fourth season of “Lucifer”.

It is worth noting that the show filmed on the eponymous comic book series by Neil Gaiman and Sam Keith. In the end, the devil retired, which helps a detective solve crimes. This movie is full of hot and dynamic scenes, dances and fights, but special attention is attracted by the emergence in the company of Lucifer Morningstar naughty and cheerful eve. New character and Lucifer will be good friends and partners.

In the new season to their roles back star project Laurent Jerman and Tom Ellis. The premiere is scheduled on may 8 of this year.

Recall that the network has already appeared the first teaser of the fourth season of “Lucifer”, the footage of which you can see Tom Ellis, Lauren German and beginner’s caste, actress Inbar Lavi. Note that Netflix saved the project from imminent closure. Netflix bought the rights to “Lucifer” in June last year, a month after the Fox shut down the show after three seasons.

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