The diesel is of Green Grey turns 50: a funny and so-called true rules of life of the legendary musician

Дизелю из Green Grey стукнет 50: смешные и трушные правила жизни легендарного музыканта


today, 20:00

The legendary Ukrainian rock musician Diesel on December 25 will arrange an unforgettable party in honor of its 50th anniversary.

On the eve of the anniversary of the founder and lead singer of the band Green Grey shared with Znaia their rules of life – funny but true!

Diesel has prepared for his birthday brand new music format that will surprise the audience. The best musicians not only play together on the same stage favorite hits, but also directly into the eyes of the public will create a new one. It will not only be Green Grey, TNMK but, Vоплі Vідоплясова Skryabin, Dmitry Shurov, Pianoboy, O. Torvald, Artem Pivovarov, Yurko-Yurcash Yurchenko, ALLOISE, Alexander Yarmak Alina Pash and many others.

50 UAH from each ticket sold will be listed to support the “House of stage veterans” in the forest-Vodice and the concert will be held a charity auction.

Дизелю из Green Grey стукнет 50: смешные и трушные правила жизни легендарного музыканта


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As a student, I was confident that I would be…

For six years, and has become a musician, and each year was sure to become a superstar.

I have nostalgia for…

Very strange questions. No nostalgia, not only me everyone is talking about nostalgia, about some of my old songs. But I do not understand this feeling. Don’t know what they are.

I never have no regrets…

I absolutely agree, this is the concept of my life – never to regret. And, in fact, it was confirmed that each step was done correctly, because God works in mysterious ways.

More than anything I’m afraid…

Not afraid of anything – just fear and a deterrent from your future, that is when you cross the threshold of fear, before you open maximum possibilities. And I realized somewhere at 12, when I first had diarrhea. I understand that it is not painful.

In my understanding it is extremely…

All where you can break a finger on the right or left of the phalanx. That is, in this case, almost the entire team sits six or nine months without a job and looking at your tied phalanx with contempt.

Consider myself the best

in the country.

The most important lesson in my life taught

I rock. So, a play on words. Life, in fact, taught.

A song that I can describe, is called

“Motherfucker”, if the answer popsource.

If today was my last day, I would...

Already half of my life trying to answer this question, and many days of experimenting: here, the last day, what would I do? So, will you have sex… Or not eat…or not… And, in fact, the usual routine, so I think that would have had the usual fine weekday.

The funniest incident of Morecom was…

We once Myricom released t-shirts with the answers to the strangest questions like: “Yes, I my head”, etc. This is one of those issues.

Describing his wife in three words, the most suitable will be –

favorite, reliable, beautiful.

An offer I could not refuse, it was

to be a rock musician when I hit the bike trainer in the music, and he said to me: “Come to the first lesson, have your group”. And here I am six years old he collected his first group.

The first million I spent on

Green Grey.

My attitude to pop and rock music –

I call it shit-rock. There is a musical term actually, and he’s already “wikipediya”.

In my opinion, the biggest problem of society

in openness to the media. Too gullible we have become.

Дизелю из Green Grey стукнет 50: смешные и трушные правила жизни легендарного музыканта

Earlier, Diesel has launched the network challenge under the hashtag #digitises of which is immediately taken up by his fans all over the country.

The challenge has already gained popularity among users of Instagram and Facebook. To participate, you need to make from readily available materials something similar to dreadlocks, take photo or video and put the appropriate hashtag. And the winner of the challenge, which then will select random hashtag method will receive two VIP tickets to a major rock party of the year in honor of the birth of Diesel. It will take place on December 25.

Recall that the concert sold t-shirt with autograph and portrait of Diesel, as well as in social networks, the auction will feature t-shirts with the artists who will perform at Superdrug. All funds will be donated to build children’s bionic prostheses, which will help kids to have complexes because of physical deficiencies. It will not just bionic prostheses – using modern technology of 3D printing they keep upgrading.

Also earlier Znayu wrote that on December 15 in Kiev will perform a brutal and incredibly talented Sergey Mikhalok with the orchestra “lapis 98”. His performance is always looking forward, because each of his songs a real hit!

Also Know As.ia reported that in Kiev, presented an important book about one of the most terrible periods in the history of Ukraine – the Holodomor of 1932-1933, the Book is entitled “Gareth Jones. The price of truth”. Gareth Jones became the first foreign journalist who wrote about the famine in Ukraine.

And on November 27, held a pre-premiere screening of the film “the Price of truth” in cinema “Kievan Rus” with participation of members of the crew.

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