The director impressed by Celine Dion

Director impressed by Celine Dion


For her first steps on the big screen in the movie Love Again (< em>Love Again), Celine Dion worked with seriousness noticed and praised by director James C. Strouse. “Céline arrived on set incredibly prepared,” he said. She knew his lines perfectly, she could have said them backwards.”

“I still can't believe it…especially that Celine Dion is singing five songs for the film,” said filmmaker James C. Strouse in a telephone interview with QMI Agency.

If he immediately thought of her when he wrote the screenplay, adapted from the German romantic comedy SMS für Dich– itself an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Sofie Cramer – it's “because Céline is at Columbia Records, a subsidiary of Sony and since the film is produced by Screen Gems, another subsidiary of Sony, I said to myself that there was a chance for it to work”.

A “real false” Céline

Before writing the dialogues of the Quebec singer, the filmmaker insisted on doing his homework. “I watched all the videos of her that I could, I listened to hours of interviews in order to render her expressions, her way of expressing herself and saying things,” he said.

The result is a role “full of good humor and faithful to Céline since she talks about her life, René and her children”. Because, during scenes filled with humor that is both tongue-in-cheek and “meta”, Celine Dion transforms into a sort of fairy-tale godmother by encouraging Rob Burns (Sam Heughan) to fall in love and dare get in touch with Mira Ray (Priyanka Chopra Jonas).

Indeed, Mira has lost her spouse and continues to send text messages to her phone in order to pour out. However, the number was given to Rob, a music journalist, who was soon deeply touched by the messages. At the same time, for his work, Rob must interview Celine Dion. But rather than asking her professional questions, he asks her for love advice… which she will do with good grace!

Filming took place in London in October 2020 and at the beginning of 2021, in the midst of a pandemic, before moving to the United States. It is also in the land of Uncle Sam that Celine Dion “spent four days shooting her scenes”, both with Sam Heughan and with Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

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And when it is pointed out to James C. Strouse that this “real fake” Celine Dion would make a great recurring character, he can't help but laugh before pointing out, “I would love to write another role for her… Who knows. She's a very good actress and I think her screen performance is just the tip of the iceberg of her talent.”

Love Again tumbles on the screens of cinemas in the province from May 5.