The distribution of tests must absolutely wait until Monday

The test distribution must absolutely wait until Monday

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Pharmacies have already received the rapid tests, but will not be able to distribute them before Monday, for reasons of equity and because the RAMQ's computer system is not yet ready to pay $ 10 per box to pharmacists.

According to our information, pharmacies in the Quebec City region have already received all the boxes of rapid self-tests they requested in order to distribute them to the population. & nbsp ; & nbsp;

However, they still cannot distribute them. This is the watchword, but also because the computer system for billing the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) will not be ready until Monday. & Nbsp;

“The RAMQ will be ready to pay pharmacists according to the terms agreed by the MSSS, on the scheduled date. The minister's decree signed and published yesterday [Wednesday] stipulates that the program takes effect on Monday, December 20 & nbsp; “, explained the Régie in a short email. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

The president of the Association Quebec owner of pharmacist owners, Benoit Morin, believes that this is also a concern of fairness. & nbsp;

“There are transfers that have been made, but not the majority. Even if we receive the boxes, we cannot make a complaint to the RAMQ before Monday. The systems are not ready, but also for the sake of fairness, “he explained. “We cannot give a box to an individual, who will go and get another one on Monday and who will have two boxes because it will not have been recorded. We can't do it before Monday. “& Nbsp;

$ 10 per box & nbsp;

Benoit Morin estimates that he will only receive his self-tests on Sunday evening. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

The boxes will be distributed free of charge to the population, but pharmacists will however be paid by Quebec. Following a negotiation, they will charge $ 10.03 per box. & Nbsp;

“To give you a comparison order, this is about the rate we receive for renewing a prescription “, affirmed the pharmacist owner, indicating that they negotiated this tariff to the satisfaction of all parties. & nbsp; & nbsp;

” & nbsp; For a test box, we do not monitoring and explanation as a prescription, but there are many issues of distribution, organization and control. »& Nbsp;


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