The district DVRZ: actor Vasily Ivanchenko revealed the complexity of the work

Участковый с ДВРЗ: актер Василий Иванченко раскрыл сложности работы

Frame from the TV series “the District DVRZ”

today, 13:35

On Tuesday, February 4 on ICTV channel will be the long-awaited premiere of the series “the District DVRZ”. This ironic detective, in which an honest police officer who fights crime in the criminal area of Kiev. In addition, it is the first Ukrainian series dedicated to the housing area of the capital.

In the tape starring Vyacheslav Dovzhenko (Sergei Bondar) and Vitaly Ivanchenko (Peter Dzyuba).

Znayu talked to Vitaly to find out what is interesting about his character and what challenges he faced while working.

Участковый с ДВРЗ: актер Василий Иванченко раскрыл сложности работы

Frame from the TV series “the District DVRZ”

Ivanchenko played the local district Peter Dzyuba, who to his duties is extremely negligent. He’s funny, but lazy. What he does in order to eradicate thriving crime and corruption in the district? Nothing. But it will be exactly to the moment until a new district.

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“My character has long since given up plans to change something in his native district, – said Ivanchenko. – For him the main thing – not to overwork at work, a long lunch and NAP. And with the criminal authorities, he managed to find a common language. But everything will change with the emergence of a new district police officer Sergey Bondar, who will try to restore order. The film will have to decide which side to be.”

The actor admitted that during the shooting talked to real cops, so he understands why his character became so indifferent to the profession.

“Their work – the enemy would not wish, as they say. Of course, different professions has its own specifics, but what legal authorities is a big responsibility and risks. Therefore, I would like to instill in people a love and respect for people in uniform. After all, when something happens, we turn first to them. Another sample I was trying to play his character so that he didn’t look lazy simpleton. It is funny, but not as stupid as it seems,” explained Ivanchenko.

Участковый с ДВРЗ: актер Василий Иванченко раскрыл сложности работы

Vitaliy Ivanchenko, actor

According to Vitaly, his character has taken up the post to do good, to protect people and faithfully fulfill their duties, but in a society where there is no respect for the work of the inspector of the district, no decent pay and motivation to grow, then disappears zeal with which the young professional.

“We see this in real life, – said the actor. – My character will try to change. When in his district will send a new precinct Sergey Cooper – fair and principled – the film reflect on his life, why he is why he does it and who gave the oath”.

This was the main difficulty during filming to play so that the viewer could relate to his character, to understand his character and the reason of things.

Vitaliy Ivanchenko added that he was often playing comic characters in the TV series “the District DVRZ”.

“But you know that the Comedy always hides an even greater tragedy. For example, as my character Dzyuba. Even though he is very cheerful, it is a mask, behind which hides the drama. He, I hope, be interesting to the viewer”, – concluded the actor.

Premiere detective “District DVRZ” will be held on 4 February at 21:30 on ICTV channel.

We will remind, earlier Znayu reported that the criminal Kiev “come alive” in the TV series “the District DVRZ”. Stories from the life of the district will describe the realities of each city of Ukraine.

Also in Ukrainian cinemas has released a new Patriotic politically incorrect Comedy by Vladimir Pacific “Our cats”.

24 February on channel 2+2 will be the long-awaited premiere of the exciting new series “the Carpathian Ranger.” 24 is a series of crazy adventures, chases, stunts, subtle humor and impressive landscapes of the Carpathian mountains.

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