The doctor was the father of 49 children his patients

Experts believe that men could be up to 200 biological children

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Врач стал отцом 49 детей своих пациенток

Children of doctor Ian Karbate

In one of the clinics in vitro fertilization in the Netherlands, a doctor named Ian Carboat secretly impregnated patients. This is evidenced by the results of a DNA test, which confirmed that the medic fathered at least 49 people, conceived at his clinic, the Associated Press reports.

The doctor used his own biological material without the knowledge of patients, and in some cases deliberately acted against their will. According to one of the biological sons Karbate, 39-year-old Joey Goodman, his mother gave the doctor the sperm of his partner, but he secretly substituted her own.

Experts believe that the doctor could be up to 200 biological children. In the Dutch Foundation for children donors continue to refer people who suspect that their biological father was Carboat. Some of them, including Hoofdman intend to seek compensation.

In 2007, the clinic Kharbata in the suburbs of Rotterdam has been closed by the Dutch authorities for the poor management and problems with documentation. In 2017, the doctor died at the age of 89 years.

We will remind, earlier “Today” wrote about the gynecologist, fertilized 50 patients. The scandal surrounding the doctor arose in 2017. It is worth noting that the law of Indiana does not prohibit physicians to become donors to their own patients.

In addition, it was reported on another case in the US where the arrested hospital employee of the city of Phoenix, one of the patients which gave birth to a child, being almost 10 years in a vegetative state.

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