The doctors called a sweetness that improve vision

Врачи назвали сладость, улучшающую зрение

Honey – a good remedy for first aid to tired eyes.TVs, monitors, suffocating and vigilant of the room – eyes of a modern man experiencing a lot of stress. If the organs of sight after a day of work very tired, they need immediate assistance.

When problems don’t need correction or treatment, you can help yourself with traditional methods, says with reference to opticlub.

Honey – a good remedy for first aid to tired eyes because it is composed of substances necessary for the normal function of the retina. Honey used to treat cataracts. Honey is recommended to people who experience pain in the eyes.

Ophthalmologists argue that honey drops relieve inflammation and protect the eyes from the negative effects of the environment. At the same time to avoid possible allergic reactions before you start to use the honey for prevention, doctors suggest necessary to consult with a specialist.

Most doctors say that a person can consume about 50 grams of honey a day. This dosage is sufficient in order to replenish reserves of vitamins and minerals.

Also for the prevention of vision problems folk medicine recommends to eat: carrots and bell peppers, tomatoes and lettuce, cabbage, parsley, green onions, and spinach, sorrel, apricots, peaches and Rowan. These plants contain very useful for touch on vitamin A.

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