The doctors called products that cannot have for Breakfast

Врачи назвали продукты, которые нельзя есть на завтрак

Nutritionists said, where should you start your day.Eat a lot of sweets, but fruit is malnourished! The daily rate is twice less than necessary, according to the Association of nutritionists of Ukraine.

To review advise physicians and a dairy menu. Because we lean heavily on cream and cheese, while milk and yogurt in our diet a little. Unhealthy foods Ukrainians consume for dinner. The menu has mostly heavy meals. Lunch also can not be called a diet. Usually sandwiches, sausages and canned food. Wrong, the majority of Ukrainians also eat Breakfast. In the morning plate of many fried, sweet and processed foods. Although Breakfast is the most important in the daily diet. What products is to start the day, and which should be abandoned?

The most harmful – do not eat Breakfast, says gastroenterologist Galina Nesgovorova. And said that if in 7 am piece stuck in my throat – eat at 9-10.

“Breakfast should be healthy. It must not start with a Cup of coffee. Unfortunately. Why? Because when people abuse or even use only coffee for Breakfast, even if it is with milk, it irritates the mucous membrane of the stomach,” says nutritionist Galina Nesgovorova.

Irritate the stomach, and therefore cause discomfort and citrus. They should be deleted from your morning diet. If you want fruit – add in cereal, suggests dietitian Evgeny Krylov.

“If we want to mess add the sweet fruit, it could be persimmon and can to be Apple,” says nutrition specialist.

Harmful to eat Breakfast fast food. For example, oatmeal that does not need cooking. The bread is the best replacement for pita bread, and the quantity of flour reduced.

“Lovers bread – unleavened bread, a small piece for Breakfast, with cheese, with avocado. Please, eat, don’t deny yourself, because food should be fun, especially Breakfast,” says Evgeny Krylov.

The basic rule – the first meal should be light.

Eat immediately after waking up, nutritionists do not recommend. I advise you to first drink water and then after half an hour, you can start Breakfast. Better, if it is protein – eggs or cheese. We can also add seasonal vegetables and herbs. Coffee will replace tea with lemon, juice or smoothies.

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