The doctors called spice, which can replace antidepressants

Врачи назвали специю, которая может заменить антидепрессанты

Experts called unusual benefits of consumption of saffron for health. As it turned out, this list is increased libido.

Saffron contains a number of antioxidants in its composition. Among the important compounds crocin, crocetin, which are carotenoid pigments responsible for the red color of the spice. They both have antidepressant properties, to protect brain cells from progressive damage. Among the positive effects of the removal of inflammation, loss of appetite, help in weight loss, according to the with reference to

As Crocus sativus was successfully able to neutralize harmful free radicals, by virtue of him and the fight against cancer. Experiment with the use of the compounds and cancer cells in vitro showed inhibition of the last, if you bypass a healthy. It was found that crocin is able to make the tumor more sensitive to chemotherapy.

The spice can relieve pain during the critical days, and this applies to just inhaling his scent. Experiments have shown that saffron is able to significantly improve erectile function, libido, and overall satisfaction with sex life, this is not only for improve sperm quality, therefore it is called an aphrodisiac.

An equally important advantage is its ability to suppress appetite, which promotes weight loss. To the next health bonuses are little studied properties of saffron: the lowering of cholesterol and blood sugar levels, improves eyesight and mental abilities.


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