The doctors called the fatal dose of chocolate

                                Врачи назвали фатальную дозу шоколада

Usually an overdose of dessert leads to indigestion, however, can be more serious consequences.

The ICU doctor from new York University reed Caldwell explained the reason for the harmful effects of large amounts of chocolate.

The danger lies in the substance theobromine contained in cocoa beans. It is an alkaloid of plant origin with a bitter taste. In the human body it acts as a mild stimulant, similar in effect to caffeine. In addition, theobromine dilates blood vessels, causing lowered blood pressure, and has a diuretic effect.

According to the National institutes of health, USA, theobromine also crosses the blood-brain barrier. This layer of capillaries, which transmits to the brain the nutrients, but filters out toxins and harmful microorganisms. Because of its ability to penetrate the barrier theobromine affects the mood as caffeine.

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Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the fifth among all the planets of the Solar system in size.

                                Врачи назвали фатальную дозу шоколада

Age – 4.54 billion years

Average radius – 6 378,2 km

The average circumference – 030,2 40 km

Area – 072 510 million km2 (of 29.1 percent and 70.9% water)

The number of the continents – 6: Eurasia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia and Antarctica

The number of oceans – 4: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic

Population – 7.3 billion people (50.4% of men and 49.6% women)

The most densely populated States: Monaco (18 678 people/km2), Singapore (7607/km2) and the Vatican (1914/km2)

Number of countries: a total of 252 independent 195

The number of languages in the world – about 6,000

The number of official languages – 95; the most common are English (56 countries), French (29 countries) and Arabic (24 countries)

The number of nationalities – about 2 000

Climatic zones: Equatorial, tropical, temperate and Arctic (main) + sub-Equatorial, subtropical and subarctic (transitional)

Large quantities of theobromine can be toxic to humans. The combined vasodilator and diuretic effect, as well as disorders of the gastrointestinal tract leads to palpitations, loss of appetite, sweating, tremor, and strong headaches. And due to the effect on the cardiovascular system of a large dose of theobromine can be fatal.

Different types of chocolate different contents of theobromine. In the dairy about 2.4 mg per 1 g of chocolate, and in dark and 5.5 mg. Toxic dose of theobromine for humans is 1,000 mg per 1 kg of body weight. That is, a person weighing 75 kg you need to eat 75 g of theobromine to poison to death. This is approximately 711 bars milk chocolate weighing 43 g.

However, according to Caldwell, the fatal outcome is unlikely. Upset stomach and vomiting that can be earned in the process of abuse, simply will not allow you to eat a lethal dose.

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