The doctors called the foods that trigger bowel disease

Врачи назвали продукты, провоцирующие болезни кишечника

Not only products have a negative impact on the digestive organs, but also harmful habits.From what foods we eat every day depends on our health.

If you have good products, and adhere to the advice of nutritionists, the risk is significantly reduced, writes the with reference to mannton.

For example the consumption of meat in large quantities and continuously (no days of discharge) increases the risk of colon cancer, cirrhosis of the liver. This is evidenced by the results of dozens of international research. Also the common cold or flu can occur in people who do not comply with tips on nutrition, say doctors. As everyone knows, the key role played by the immune system. The stronger the immune defense of the body, the harder viruses to get inside and do his dark matter. Additionally, read the material on the topic: How to strengthen the immune system. K-by the Way, most of the immune cells in the human body is in the intestine. And if on digestion, the immune system rapidly declining.

Products that destroy the gutSugar and sweets are best food for bad bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, from which it multiply rapidly and begin to create trouble;

Alcoholic beverages are changing the intestinal flora. And the constant use of alcohol, the digestive process was out of rhythm;

Products with chemical additives, conservatives, dyes, etc., It is recommended generally not to eat or drink in small quantities. These include convenience foods, canned foods, ready meals packaging, and the like.

From such food in the stomach and intestines will not be good, especially if it is repeated every day.

Meat every day and in large quantities is harmful to health, especially red meat: pork, beef. Doctors, nutritionists recommend to do fasting days 1 time a week at least, and these days not to take any meat products.

The German organization “Against cancer” (Deutschen Krebshilfe) on their page advises to eat less meat and sausage products, primarily for men. According to experts, this will help leave 10. 000 cases of colon cancer per year.

Bad fats contained for example in margarine, mayonnaise adversely affect the operation of the intestines, additionally it loaded. And in General, any fatty food is not very good.

Not only products have a negative impact on the digestive organs, but also the personal habits of a person.

1) Very long intervals between meals; 2) Poorly chewed food; 3) Large portions.

Is 3 common negative habits that create trouble for digestion and other digestive organs. On an ongoing basis, as a consequence, there are problems with health.

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