The doctors called the fruit, “burn” belly fat

Врачи назвали фрукт, "сжигающий" жир на животе

Bananas help to get rid of visceral fat.Losing weight often are bananas skeptical, however, nutritionists claim that bananas fit perfectly into a healthy diet and should be consumed even by those who wants to become slimmer.

In fact, bananas effectively improve metabolism and reduce appetite, however, for this purpose, scientists recommend eating unripe, green fruit. They contain a lot of substances, for a long time reducing appetite.

“If you replace 5% of the carbohydrates in your usual diet of bananas with resistant starch, it activates fat burning by 30%,” – said the scientists.

Available today the research suggests that bananas are rich in fiber, which improves digestion and potassium, which is more intense from the body of excess fluid. It is also observed that bananas decrease the craving for sugar and carbohydrates. The doctors shared the results of the experiment conducted with the participation of the women was that the use of one banana twice a day before meals of the participating in for two months significantly decreased the volume of the stomach.

Scientists have noted the fact that bananas have a dense and thick skin – it protects the fruit from the penetration of chemicals, and this makes the slimming process more successful. Pesticides enter the body with the gifts of nature, negatively affect the metabolism of fat cells and can promote the growth of weight.

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