The doctors called the fruit, normalizing digestion

Врачи назвали фрукт, нормализующий пищеварение

Nutritionists advise to eat bananas every day.Bananas are considered one of the most nutritious fruits, because they can replace even some medications.


In one fruit there are many b vitamins, which are necessary for energy, high immunity and a good memory. In addition, bananas contains daily intake of potassium, which is needed for normal metabolism.

A lot of fiber, the Banana is saturated in fiber, which normalize digestion and prevent the accumulation of excess body fat.

Recovery of cells of the stomach, a Banana, a godsend for people with digestive problems. It is even recommended by doctors in the early stages instead of pills for gastritis, food and alcohol poisoning. The thing is that the banana is perfectly restores the damaged cells of the gastric mucosa.

SwellingBananas help the water not to linger in the body. And poor water exchange that is different and provokes swelling. They can occur due to certain diseases or e.g. after very active party.

Improves moodIn bananas a lot of the hormone tryptophan, which is responsible for mood. Scientists have discovered that a few minutes after a banana snack in people improves mood.

Boosts libidothe banana is the most famous aphrodisiac in the world. So a banana during a romantic evening can guarantee you a pleasant continuation.

In addition to the useful properties of the banana is also quite nutritious. So do not abuse this fruit, because you can get some extra pounds.

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