The doctors called the possible causes of tingling in breast

Врачи назвали возможные причины покалывания в груди

Heart pain may warn of other ailments.

The feeling that hurts the heart, can be misleading in some cases, completely heart causes discomfort in the region of the myocardium. Experts said that when the heart pain in fact is caused by disorders in other organs, reports the with reference to

Thoracic radiculitis

Think that hurts the heart, but the standard heart medication in this case relieve the pain. For such pain only disguised the heart, characterized by the strengthening or the weakening of, in cases when a person bends over, turns the body, deep breathing, or moving hands.


People suffering from anxiety often complain of pain in the heart area. Such pain they are usually stabbing or aching pain attacks occur spontaneously, are of short duration and localized in a small area.


Distended bowel may also be the cause of the pain that will be felt in the heart. According to doctors, this happens due to the fact that the physical pressure disrupts some cardiac functions.

Digestive problems

They also provoke the characteristic pain, which is actually not a heart. Diseases of the stomach and pancreas, the intake of some food or hunger can cause pain in the chest, forcing to suspect a heart attack.

Problems with the spine

The pain in the heart, although not the heart, may occur on the background of osteochondrosis with, when curvature of the spine, infringement of nerve root, etc. In any case, if there is such syndrome, you must consult a doctor – only a survey can show what is the real reason a person experiences ailments.


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