The doctors called the products that can trigger diabetes

Врачи назвали продукты, которые могут спровоцировать сахарный диабет

But in small amounts these products are useful for our body.Diabetes is a dangerous disease, which, according to statistics from the world Health Organization, sick every tenth person on the planet.

It can be hereditary or acquired, writes the with reference to clutch.

The disease is extremely unpleasant and dangerous, and it would be better if people just revise your diet and exclude from it products which can enter it into the risk group, rather than to try to cure the disease.

Set out below is a list of foods that are considered useful, the use of which in large quantities, however, may provoke in the body the development of type II diabetes.

Starchy foodsFamiliar at first glance, absolutely harmless components of our daily diet increases the risk of developing type II diabetes. These include beans, certain types of cereals and potatoes. Yes, in small quantities, these products are useful for our body, they even reduce the risk of developing the diabetes.

However, you should start to abuse them, they immediately will increase the vulnerability of your body to this disease. And it is not recommended to mix them with the foods that contain high amounts of carbohydrates.

Red meatThere is medical research that indicates that eating red meat in large quantities increases the risk of developing type II diabetes by 19-20%. Scientists think that excess iron in red meat greatly hinders the production of insulin, which, in essence, a “cure” for diabetes.

Dried fruits arePerhaps the most unexpected member of this list. After all, we’ve learned that the dried fruits considered a health food. This, incidentally, is not unreasonable. Dried fruits have a positive effect on the digestive tract, and contain a lot of vitamins.

However, hardly can be quickly filled with this product in small quantities, and this means that they will need more than, say, fresh fruit. And therefore in the body will be a lot of sugar that will negatively affect the stability of type II diabetes.

NutsIn small doses nuts provoke the body’s production of insulin and also stimulate the cortex, which is responsible for satiety. It’s hard to argue with their use. It is difficult, of course, but you can, as this product is extremely high in calories and digested it very long.

Fast foodCraze fast food in itself adversely affects your health. And researchers suggest that regular consumption of such products increases the risk of developing type II diabetes by around half. Such statistics, mainly because of the high salt content and preservatives in such products.

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