The doctors explained whether white bread unhealthy

Врачи объяснили, действительно ли белый хлеб вреден для здоровья

White bread is not necessarily the cause of obesity.White bread has always been considered an unhealthy food product.

However, the scientists from the Weizmann Institute in Israel believe that there is no need to refuse from its use, writes the with reference to healthystyle.

Contrary to popular belief, white bread is not necessarily the cause of obesity, experts say. Instead, the risk of excess weight gain depends entirely on how your body in particular the intestinal bacteria react to certain foods.

During the tests the researchers gave participants either 40 handmade bread, made especially on sourdough or white bread. The blood sugar levels after the consumption of bread has jumped in both groups, which is a known risk factor for development of obesity in people who regularly include in your diet foods with high glycemic index.

However, there were some kind of bread affect the probability of occurrence of excess weight in a greater degree than the other. This suggests that the weight gain is responsible, primarily the intestinal microbiome, which is individual for each specific person.

Thus, there is no “good” or “bad” bread – risk of obesity depends on the reaction of intestinal bacteria on foods.

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