The doctors explained who it is advisable to regularly eat mushrooms

Врачи объяснили, кому желательно регулярно есть грибы

If you want to live long, eat more mushrooms. According to nutritionists Juliet callow and Sarah brewer, mushrooms can help keep the digestive tract in good condition and improving the immune system.

They also reduce the risk of bacterial or viral diseases because of content of copper, writes the with reference to Country health.

Deficiency of the element leads to a low level of white blood cells, potentially increasing the susceptibility to infection. Mushrooms are a natural anti-inflammatory agents that protect against certain life-threatening conditions, including heart disease and type II diabetes. The content of such a valuable gift of nature beta-glucan confers its anti-cancer properties. Representatives of a separate biological kingdoms are composed of nicotinic acid, b vitamins, a large number of trace elements.

Experts believe that adding a menu of mushrooms and other fungi 2 times a week is the best option. One serving should be about 10 pieces. An important role for achieving longevity play, physical activity, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, reducing the amount of salt to 6 grams per day. It is believed that the most important content of nutrients are the following mushrooms: boletus, aspen, boletus, chanterelles.

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