The doctors explained why it is advisable to drink daily coffee

Врачи объяснили, почему желательно ежедневно пить кофе

A Cup of coffee a day prolongs life of 9 minutes.Two studies have concluded that drinking coffee extends life.

It turned out that a Cup of coffee a day increases life expectancy on average by 9 minutes, writes with reference to 24apteka.

In recent years, several reputable scientific studies concluded about the existence of unexpected benefits for human health from drinking coffee. A number of these benefits has been associated with a reduced risk of premature death. Two new studies, including the largest conducted on this issue showed that even one Cup of coffee a day reduces the risk of premature death for any reason substantially reduces the risk of death due to digestive problems. Consumed 350 ml of coffee a day men reduced the risk of premature death by 12% over 16 years, and three cups of coffee reduced the risk by 18%. Scientists from the University of Cambridge in this regard has estimated that a standard Cup of coffee a day increases the life expectancy of men for three months, and women for a month.

In other words, one Cup of coffee a day enables men to live for 9 minutes longer, and women three minutes. Scientists from Imperial College London and the University of southern California, who conducted both studies declared that the protective effect of coffee biologically possible, because this drink contains antioxidants and strengthen the health components of fighting with insulin resistance, reduces the level of inflammation and improve the functioning of the liver. Scientists emphasize that if people love to drink coffee, then they should continue to do it, and if they are not lovers of this drink, you need to think about starting to drink it.

See also: Doctors explained why it is advisable to regularly eat orangesCoffee contains many antioxidants and phenolic components play an important role in cancer prevention. Although the research does not say exactly what chemical in coffee have the effect of elixir of life, no doubt this drink can be part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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