The doctors explained why you should not drink coffee and tea on the plane

Медики объяснили, почему не стоит пить кофе и чай в самолете

The drinks can contain dangerous bacteria.Experts have warned that the proposed on Board tea and coffee can cause serious harm to your health because the water tanks are too dirty and can contain dangerous bacteria.

To such conclusion the American scientists, writes the with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

Experts Food Policy Center of Hunter College, checked the food in the planes 11 airlines and revealed the truth about the water contamination on Board the ship.

As explained by experts, the water tanks are not cleaned properly, so they can be dangerous bacteria, for example Escherichia coli. The employees of the airlines surveyed by the researchers, told about the procedures of maintenance of water tanks. It turned out that many of the procedures relating to harvesting, are very superficial.

“After the plane landed tanks are not emptied and not cleaned because there’s no time. The water tank is filled with liquid up to the top after each use. Everything that settles to the bottom, remains in the water,” explained Executive Director of the Food Policy Center Charles Platkin.

He added that according to the rules of American airlines water tanks are cleaned only four times per year. The expert also advised to bring antiseptic and use it after using the restroom and not wash their hands to the current tap water.

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