The doctors explained why you should not skip taking a shower

Врачи рассказали, почему не следует пропускать прием душа

Continued exclusion from hygiene can harm your health.

Experts told about the consequences associated with the refusal of soul. As it turned out, the negative aspects are not limited to odor and salting the skin, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

The first victim will be the skin that will instantly react to the lack of hygienic procedures. Dead cells, sweat and other particles will start to stick to the skin, creating a fertile soil for the growth of putrefactive bacteria associated with bad breath. They will accumulate in the body, leading to increased paroobrazovaniya with the “specific scent”, from which it will be impossible to remove, even when using the most powerful deodorant.

Skin vital water, the absence of which will lead to dehydration, dryness, painful mind, with the result that people will look much older than his years.

Along with the above the chances of development of acne on different areas of the body will be increased significantly. Will increase the load on the immune system that will attack the microorganisms of all kinds. According to dermatologist Bobby Buka, few people realize, but the refusal of the soul will lead to the thickening of the skin. This condition is known as hyperkeratosis, which means the formation of a viscous texture of dead skin, dirt and natural oils of the body. It is not excluded the appearance of spots on the neck, arms or behind the knees.

At a later stage, we should expect hyperpigmentation and eczema. In the same list, the risk of catching infections, which includes candida. The owners of sensitive skin will exacerbate her condition, especially in warm seasons with high humidity.


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