The doctors said that in any case it is impossible to smear with iodine

Медики сообщили, что ни в коем случае нельзя мазать йодом

Many people use iodine because I remember how my parents smeared the cuts with this solution. But it is not always possible to treat the wounds with this solution.

In fact, iodine or Zelenka should not shed each received a wound, reports the with reference to

First, an abrasion or a cut, you first need to rinse under running water, and then treating the cloth with hydrogen peroxide. Only after this procedure can be applied to the damaged area with iodine.

The wound treated with iodine, it is not necessary to glue the patch: iodine has a drying property.

It should be noted that iodine can completely clean up the cut, and most of the wound should only handle around. In no case do not put the iodine on the mucosa.

It is best to paint with iodine mesh on the back or feet during a cold. For cuts more suited Zelenka or hydrogen peroxide.


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