The doctors talked about the obvious signs of increased pressure

Врачи рассказали о неочевидных признаках повышения давления

A hypertensive crisis can lead to irreversible health effects.

High blood pressure affects more than 30% of the adult population. This condition, also known as hypertension, puts extra pressure on blood vessels and vital organs. Early detection of the disease is critical because it increases the risk of complications, including heart attack and stroke, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

According to doctors, one of the symptoms of hypertension can be tingling in the hands or temporary numbness.

Tingling usually occurs at the time of hypertensive crisis, when the pressure exceeds 180/120 mm Hg, which requires immediate medical treatment. A hypertensive crisis can lead to irreversible damage to blood vessels.

“When blood pressure is not controlled, it can rise to such an extent that you physically begin to feel it. These symptoms can worsen and in some cases lead to sudden death.

“You should immediately seek assistance from a doctor if you experience muscle tremors, problems with speech, blurred vision or loss of vision and severe headache for an unknown reason”, – told the experts of the Mayo Clinic.

In the absence of timely treatment, increases the risk of kidney or heart failure.

The disease, dubbed the silent killer, rarely causes overt symptoms and can cause death if unchecked, experts say. Many people can have high blood pressure without even knowing it.

Experts stressed that if you have common symptoms of high blood pressure include headaches or severe blows in the chest, you should consult a doctor and keep your blood pressure under control.


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