The doctors told me how coffee can affect vision

Врачи подсказали, как кофе может повлиять на зрение

Many argue that coffee can lead to eye problems.Human health is affected by many factors. This and weather conditions, heredity, and lifestyle. Among other things, on the health often influences the power.

It can also lead to improvement or deterioration of certain organs, writes the with reference to opticlub.

Eyes also dependent on external factors, like other parts of the body. Some foods can have a negative impact on their health and well-being. And there is a perception that it is dangerous for the eyes of things is such a drink as coffee. Morning coffee is a ritual and a habit for many people. Refreshing drink allows you to Wake up even after a very short sleep and gives strength to work.

All thanks to the caffeine: it has a specific effect on the human body and gives it energy for some time. So why do so many say that coffee may cause problems with the eyes? The fact that this beverage increases blood pressure.

The organs of sight dotted with a large number of small vessels, and increasing the pressure in them is fraught with at least two risks: Structural changes in the capillaries inside of the eye – abnormal growth, thinning of the walls, breaks and other pathological processes that can lead to serious health problems of the organs of vision.

An increase in intraocular pressure. Given the close relationship of all body systems, increase in blood pressure entails the increase of pressure in the other environments. Including inside the eye. This can be extremely dangerous as increased intraocular pressure leads to the development of such pathologies as glaucoma.

The disease if untreated can even lead to blindness, so you should be careful and avoid this outcome. Coffee consumption be limited to people that are sensitive to changes in blood pressure.

Those who normally carries similar phenomena, should be wary of this drink, and not drink more than one or two cups a day.

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