The doctors told who absolutely contraindicated ginger

Врачи рассказали, кому категорически противопоказан имбирь

Ginger can be an effective alternative to multiple drugs.There are 4 groups of people who disagree with the consumption of ginger.

Ginger is a plant that contains nutrients and biologically active compounds, which have incredible support physical and mental state of our body.

It is used for medical purposes for thousands of years, as far back as Ancient China. It turned out, ginger can be an effective alternative to many drugs that are sold in pharmacies.

However, there are 4 groups of people who disagree with the consumption of this plant. Here they are:

People with low weightAs you know, ginger helps to struggle with excess weight and hypoglycemia. The study showed that the extract of ginger strongly affects the reduction of body weight, so it is not recommended to use it for lack of weight.

Pregnant womenGinger contains powerful stimulants that are ideal for your muscles and digestion, but in the case of pregnant women the plant can cause premature contractions, and hence premature birth. Avoid the use of ginger especially in the last months of pregnancy.

People with blood disease.Hemophilia – a rare genetic disorder in which the ability of blood to clot is severely reduced, i.e., the patient can bleed heavily even from minor injuries. Ginger stimulates the circulation, therefore, those who suffer from blood disorders should avoid it.

People who take certain medicationsIf You suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes, and take medication to improve the condition, it is recommended urgently to abandon ginger. Ginger lowers blood pressure and thins the blood, therefore, when interacting with drugs may reinforce their action and to be really dangerous for health.

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