The doctors were told about the methods of early diagnosis of brain tumors

Врачи рассказали о способах ранней диагностики опухолей мозга

The first symptoms of brain cancer are often ignored by people.

British scientists from king’s College (London) called the most common symptoms of brain cancer. Usually people ignore the first symptoms of the disease, which often leads to tragic consequences, according to the with reference to Accents.

So, the specialists for a long time conducted a study observing patients who had cancer of the brain. As a result of careful and painstaking work, scientists have managed found that the vast majority of the subjects did not pay attention to suspicious symptoms that disturbed them.

In particular, the experts highlighted some of the major symptoms, which is worth considering. First, at one point, patients began to notice lapses in memory, which at first was insignificant, but over time increased. However, the people blamed these problems on age. Also, patients show problems with coordination, it became harder to keep balance of the body. In addition, many have it worse – they began to speak indistinctly. Moreover, patients said that were quicker and more tired, and the day tended to sleep.

Despite all these symptoms, people have sought medical help only when they have identified a suspected stroke and dementia. Also among other reason to doctors called blurred vision.


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