The dog died on the same day the master

The dog died 15 minutes later after her owner died

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Пес ушел из жизни в один день с хозяином

The dog died 15 minutes after beloved master

25-the summer inhabitant of Scotland Stuart Hutchison died in one day with his dog. A man for eight years of fighting brain cancer, but the treatment did not give results, writes Metro.

As reports the edition, Hutchison in may this year, felt pain in his hand and went to the doctors. Doctors, after scanning, found out that the disease has already spread to his bones. After learning about the inevitable imminent death, the man decided to spend the last days with his wife and family.

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On the last day of the life of Stewart, it came to his wife’s father. The man noticed that one of the pair of dogs named Nero feels bad and took her to the veterinary hospital. The doctor found the animal has a spinal injury and was unable to help the dog – it died. As it turned out the father of Daniel, it happened 15 minutes after the death of its owner.

“Stuart got three dogs, but Nero was the favorite and did not depart from him,” said Fiona Conahan, Stuart’s mother.

Earlier, we posted a video in which a dog meets his terminally ill owner. Man has long lain in the hospital the doctors discovered he had cancer. In addition, Today told how the owner of the sick dog gave her last journey.

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Пес ушел из жизни в один день с хозяином

Пес ушел из жизни в один день с хозяином

Пес ушел из жизни в один день с хозяином


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