The dog pulled out of the ground “buried” alive man: video

A dog and a soldier, in tandem with whom she worked was awarded for bravery

Vladimir Grisyuk

Today, 09:09

Пес вытащил из-под земли "похороненного" заживо мужчину: видео

Dog buried alive rescued the bum

A homeless man named Pradeep Kumar of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir saved the dog. The victim was buried under a pile of dirt alive and could die. The incident occurred on Tuesday, July 30. A videotape of the incident became interested in publishing Asian News International.

Rescuers say that heavy rain in the region triggered a landslide on some roads, due to which Pradeep Kumar was under a pile of earth. The next day after the accident they found him soldiers of the army unit that was patrolling the road along with a dog named Axe. The footage shows how together they save the stunned man and pulled him from the ground.

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The Indian was taken to the hospital in a state of shock. A dog and a soldier, in tandem with whom she worked was awarded for bravery.

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