The double olympic champion Alexandre Bilodeau rebuked by the SPVM?

Le double champion olympique Alexandre Bilodeau rabroué par le SPVM?

The double olympic champion Alexandre Bilodeau says is to be done “send for a walk” by two police officers of the SPVM who missed of judgment, according to him, interfere partially on a bike path on the island of the Sisters with their patrol car Wednesday morning in Montreal.

“Congratulations to the two champions of the SPVM this morning to the island of the Sisters. Great proof of judgment”, was first written Bilodeau on his account Instagram.

The publication was accompanied by a photo where one sees a police car parked on the side of the road, directly into a cycle track.

According to Bilodeau, the police were at that location to perform an operation radar, then that “there are a lot of alternatives [to park] with the cross streets”.

The former freestyle skier says that one of the police officers would have “sent for a walk” when he meant his lack of judgment to block half of the bike path.

Bilodeau has also shared his photo on Twitter, appealing directly to the SPVM. “Thank you for making us part of this situation. The information has been sent to those concerned,” replied the SPVM in a tweet.

Alexandre Bilodeau has posted another message shortly after on his personal account to mention that ten minutes later the police had finally decided to move their patrol car. “It was really worth the trouble to send for a walk in the citizen”, he ironisé.

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