The Dr. Fauci has doubts about the vaccine the russians and chinese against the COVID-19

The immunologist Anthony Fauci, the voice of scientific reason in the United States on the pandemic Covid-19, expressed doubts Friday about the safety of vaccines currently in development by Russia and China.

“I really hope that the Chinese and the Russians test their vaccines before they administer them to anyone “, he declared during a hearing before the u.s. Congress.

“To say have a vaccine ready to be distributed before the test, I think, is problematic, to say the least,” added the highly respected director of the american Institute of infectious diseases, which estimated that the United States will not have to rely on vaccines from other countries.

Russia announced this week that it hoped to begin as early as September and October, the industrial production of two vaccines against the Covid-19 designed by researchers from centres of the state.

Kirill Dmitriev, chairman of a sovereign wealth fund Russian funding of development of one of the two, has compared the current run to the vaccine anti-Covid to the conquest of space.

“The Americans were amazed when they heard the signal from the Sputnik, the first artificial satellite launched by the USSR in 1957, he told the american news channel CNN. “With the vaccine, it will be the same thing. We will be the first “.

Moscow has not shared scientific data attesting to the safety and the efficacy of its vaccines.

Several projects of the vaccine have shown encouraging results, among which is a chinese designed jointly by an institute of military research, and the pharmaceutical group CanSino Biologics.

The chinese military has been authorized by the end of June the use in its ranks, even as the final stages of testing had not started.

Three vaccines developed in western countries are in the last phase of their clinical trial, on the man : an american society of Moderna, a developed by the british university of Oxford in partnership with the laboratoire AstraZeneca, and one of the alliance German-american BioNTech/Pfizer.

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