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“The drag in me”: drag to the rescue

“The drag in me: drag to the rescue


Rita Baga and her “two rough diamonds”: Sasha Baga, hairdresser and stylist, and Pétula Claque, professional make-up artist, “propel the participants of the new show La drag en moi to the peak of their beauty.

Their goal: to give pep back to competitors who have, in their daily lives, been in the background for too long.

The drag-queen trio thus helps them – with exuberance – to reclaim their bodies and, moreover, to regain their self-confidence. Whether it's a mother of three whose life has been turned upside down in recent years, and who badly needed time for herself, or a transgender man who recently had a mastectomy, the range of participants is wide.

New look, new face, same person

The “physical transformation” aspect is present in La drag in me, of course, but the show does not stay on the surface, however. It addresses, among other things, imploring themes such as illness or sex change, which gives access to relevant discussions, marked by openness, but also invigorating.

To situate oneself, for comparison , the show falls more into the tiller of Queer Eye than Extreme Makeover.

In this series-pleasure from Crave, we do not distort not the attendees. We accompany them and help them to magnify themselves, in addition to giving them a hand in the organization of a special event, such as a marriage proposal, a prom, or a reunion.

Together, Rita Baga, Sasha Baga and Pétula Claque have boundless energy. They are all as endearing as they are entertaining to watch, even if some asides sometimes seem a little forced. All in all, the show is fun and the 22 minutes each episode goes by quickly.

The first three episodes of The Drag Inside Me will be available on Crave on Sunday . One episode per week will then be uploaded weekly to the platform.

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