“The drag in me” lands at Crave by the end of the week

“The drag in me” lands at Crave by the end of the week


The new transformation show 'La drag en moi' comes to Crave this Sunday. 

In this new show adapted from the American 'Dragnificent !”, host Rita Baga and her accomplices, Pétula Claque and Sasha Baga, help people enhance their appearance and reinvent themselves for a special occasion, whether for a wedding, a prom, a reunion or an important anniversary. .

Any occasion is good to welcome the flamboyant drag queens to the party. While Rita Baga takes care of the organization of the events, Sasha Baga and Pétula Claque take care of the styling, hairstyles and makeup.

The first three episodes of “The Drag Inside Me” will be available starting this Sunday on Crave. The following episodes will then be deposited there in dribs and drabs, up to one episode per week.

The series of 13 30-minute episodes is produced by Trio Orange in collaboration with Bell Media.