The driver of a second demolished the door of the police car. Video

Водитель за секунду снес дверь полицейского авто. Видео

This video was shot on a personal video recorder police officer of the state of Nevada, USA.It depicts how a COP is going to get out of the car, but as soon as he opens the door, it blows a passing car, writes the with reference to the news of Yu.

The man miraculously survived, and he knows it, since the rest of the video just sits motionless and wonders what happened.

The driver, demolished the door, left the scene. But soon he found – it turned out that the man was driving without a license. Now he will have to answer for a whole bunch of offenses, and may even spend time in jail.

It is noteworthy that although the police officer showed negligence and did not look in the mirror before leaving, however, the law is on his side. The fact that in Nevada, drivers must slow down when passing by standing on the roadside service vehicle with flashing lights.

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