The driving lessons turned upside down by the COVID-19

Les cours de conduite chamboulés par la COVID-19

SAGUENAY – driving schools have had to adapt to the pandemic in order to be able to resume their activities, so that the containment has delayed the obtaining of a driving licence for several.

Since 15 June, the students are back on the road, but driving schools must adapt to the new reality. Now, the theoretical courses are given by video-conference.

“The courses are taught online, the contact is not the same with the students,” explains Karen Perron, co-owner of the driving school Tecnic of Saguenay.

For this is a practical course, it is a little more complex since there is close proximity to the interior of the vehicle between the student and the instructor. The student and the instructor take place all the same at the front. There was no physical partition. The two of them, however, the mask and the instructor the glasses.

“It disinfects completely the seat with wipes, it cleans everything that can affect the student,” adds the instructor, Michel Tremblay.

No practical course took place between the months of march and June. Only for école de conduite Tecnic, this delay of several weeks key 600 young people in Saguenay and more than 45,000 in Quebec. A delay that will be long to catch up.

“We are going to try to catch up by the end of the year,” says the director general of the network of schools driving Tecnic, Mylene Sevigny

In order to achieve this, the courses are modified. Now, the outputs of the 2h on the road are favoured, in order to minimize the time of disinfection. In addition, a relief plans of course gives a boost to the schools.

“The rules have been relaxed, we can now do so more quickly from the theoretical courses without the alternation between practice and theory, as usual,” says Ms. Sevigny.

The SAAQ indicates that the theory exams are done in class, with a minimum distance of two metres. The practical exams will be held with the same rules as driving schools.

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