The driving schools will have to work twice as hard

Les écoles de conduite devront mettre les bouchées doubles

RIMOUSKI – It’s official, driving tests will be able to return to the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) from Monday. Driving schools will also be able to start the practical training on the 15th June. The driving schools will have bread on the board to catch up.

Have had five days ‘ notice to be ready to receive new students, the schools have to press the accelerator to ensure the resumption of their activities.

“It is necessary to rebuild the schedules. We have about 120 students to the program only for a review period, so it is necessary that the SAAQ is capable also of passing through it all,” explained Steve Gagné, owner of the driving school NDR Rimouski.

For the moment, the SAAQ is responsible to remind the people who have finished their course and who have registered during the months of march, April and may.

“It’s going good, it’s going to be finished in the next few hours so that these people are placed in a priority starting June 15,” said the spokesperson for the SAAQ, Mario Vaillancourt.

The other people who sign up for a practice exam will be able to do so from the 22nd of June. On-line registrations are strongly recommended.

Students will need to be understanding and be patient. Students shall be recalled in order of priority, starting with phase four. A time limit of one month to a year are to be expected.

“I look forward to a month of time that everyone has spent at the level of the phase four. For the rest of the course, it is sure that we are going to have effects for up to a year. We are here to help you as students, but he must also think of our reality”, said Mr. Gagné.

The methods of disinfection will have to be optimal. The instructor will have to be a mask as well as a visor or protective glasses. For the student, the wearing of the mask will be strongly recommended.

“The actions of the SAAQ recommend to put a plastic on our seats to disinfect them much more easily. We are going to disinfect after each use, do not turn on the air conditioning and driving with the windows open to ventilate the car,” added Guy Francoeur, director of the School Auto Steeve Duguay in Rivière-du-Loup.

For theoretical courses, some driving schools will continue the process online. The other will be more restricted groups, in the classroom.

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