The Drummond Forest, an unexpected natural site

La Forêt Drummond, an unexpected natural site


Driving on Highway 20 in Drummondville, you would not suspect that just a few kilometers inland is the Drummond Forest, brightened by the Spicer rapids on the river Saint Francois. Became a regional park two years ago, it is one of the most unexpected natural sites in Quebec.  

On the Saint-Joachim-de-Courval side, the place is ideal for a picnic by the river. Feel free to move around a bit by taking the treetop adventure course, comprising 15 stations. 

By bike or on foot

Saint-Joachim-de-Courval, the place is ideal for a picnic by the river.

Starting from the same edge of the river, a six-kilometre walking and cycling trail forms the Silver Maples loop. Halfway, a shortcut cuts the route in half. 

On the Saint-Majorique side, on the opposite bank, a six-kilometre section of the Route verte runs along the river lined with steep banks then takes us into a peaceful rural setting. From Petite Pointe, there is a superb view of Jersey Island. 

In the canopy

Not managed by the park, but still on the territory, is the Parcours Extéria, an adventure playground. It was called D'arbre en arbre Drummondville before.  

We find the same fun and exciting stages, made up of cables and walkways of all kinds. The Grande Aventure sector stands out from all the other treetop courses in Quebec with its spectacular view overlooking the rapids of the river. 

Another special feature: the course ends with a series of seven zip lines in a row! I haven't seen anything like it anywhere else. Another sector, the Petite Aventure, is designed for children from 7 years old. 


L’escalarbre. Climbing routes are set up in century-old trees.

Climbing routes of various levels are laid out to a height of ten meters, on four hundred-year-old trees. There are six climbs. 

A self-belay system fixed at the top of the tree and adjusting to our weight allows us to descend gently. It takes a little more courage than the canopy course to try it.  


Walking and cycling trails: 12 km 

Dogs: allowed on a leash

◆ < strong>Entrance fees: free (tree trail not included)

Canopy: 74 stations (section for children aged 7 to 11)

Escalarbre: 6 routes




Electric bikes in the North

In Morin-Heights, Écho Aloha rents electric-assisted fat tire bikes (VPS). It is very close to the Aerobic Corridor, a bike path in the heart of nature. Rates: $34/hour, $65/3 hours.

Cruises on Lac Taureau

This summer, aboard a river boat, you can discover Lac Taureau in Saint-Michel-des-Saints. Huge, this body of water is distinguished by its bays, islands and long wild beaches. Reservations required.

COVID-19: Before traveling, please consult the health instructions in force. 

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