The Duo of contrasts: Mint and Ivan NAVI presented a joint track and clip

Record the song and filming the video took two weeks

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Дуэт контрастов: Мята и Ivan NAVI представили совместный трек и клип

Ivan NAVI and Mint

Yin and Yang – one and indivisible in its original interpretation. Such opposite and complementary steel singer Mint and Ivan NAVI. The artists recorded the dance track “Ti mene kohai” and presented a shot on him clip.

The idea of the duet work arose spontaneously, however, given that Mint and Ivan NAVI live in different cities (Kyiv, Lviv), recording the song and shooting the video took two weeks.

“Our duet is the case when a fully matched the mood. Even here it is difficult to say who initiated the collaboration. We started to improvise in the Studio and couldn’t stop. The song is light with hints of romance and seduction” – shared emotions Mint.

“We’re with Mint is completely different: each of us has our own musical style, we are different in temperament and style of performance, but I think because of that and the new song is special, because there’s some magic in the combination of incongruous”, – noted Ivan NAVI.

The song “Ti mene kohai” the artists decided to take pictures and video. The video is made by production HD-SHOT STUDIO: directed by Eugene and operator Alex Ostrov. The basis of the idea video formed the combination of two opposite colours, black and white, but instead a sharp contrast, on the contrary, they create harmony.

Previously Ivan NAVI gave a Frank interview Today.Lifestyle, where he spoke about the national selection for Eurovision, girls and sports.

In addition, we wrote that track Ivan NAVI compared with the song of Justin Timberlake.

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