The Earth is approaching a giant asteroid

К Земле приближается гигантский астероид

The space rock will collide with our planet very soon – it will happen on March 22

Experts talk about the next end of the world. To the Earth sweeps huge asteroid the size of a house. Dangerous space object approaching our planet very soon – already on March 22. It will be closer to the planet than its natural satellite, writes the with reference to Know

The celestial rock has been called ЕА9. Astronomers have discovered it relatively recently. The discovery caught the attention of lovers of apocalyptic predictions, and they even panicked. The experts unanimously decided that the end of the world at this time really will happen.

Astronomers found that the outer body will approach very close to the Ground. It will fly on the removal of 0.6-0.8 orbit of the moon. And it 0.00204 astronomical units, or about 305 179 kilometers. The researchers also found the size of the asteroid, its diameter is 37 meters. He will fly past Earth at a speed of 319.2 km / h.

Scientists were able to detect the asteroid before the critical approximation to the earth’s orbit. They warned humanity about the possible end of the world, time remains very little.

It is not known exactly how the asteroid will impact the Earth and mankind. Perhaps he will not destroy our planet, and just flies by. But if he will change his trajectory, and a collision occurs, the Apocalypse cannot be avoided.

Scientists often reported that closer to the Earth the various celestial bodies. Most of them do not threaten our planet, but sometimes some of them will force humanity to nervous.


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