The earth is threatened by collision with a meteor shower

In the night sky can be seen the brightest star, with a triple meteor stream

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Земле угрожает столкновение с метеорным потоком

The peak of the meteor shower is expected on August 13

According to the American meteor society (AMS) in August, the Land “will face” triple meteor shower. In late summer through whole three cosmic events in the night sky can be seen a beautiful shooting stars from the meteor flows due to alpha Capricorn, South of the Delta Aquarids and the Perseids.

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Now the Earth has entered into the stream of alpha-Capricorn and this free fall will last until August 11. It is relatively mild and rarely produces more than five meteors per hour. His most notable feature is the number of “bright balls of fire,” which he produces for the period of its activity. According to AMC, “shower” is equally well seen on both sides of the equator.

The southern Delta Aquarids active until August 23. They are best viewed in the southern hemisphere and southern latitudes of the Northern hemisphere. This is usually faint meteors that lack as “star rain”, and “balls of fire”. NASA said the meteor shower can produce about 20 meteors per hour, each of which moves at a speed of about 40 km/s.

Peak of the “stars” astronomers expect August 13 – at this time the Ground will collapse the brightest Perseids. This year the Perseids will appear in all its glory, because their appearance coincided with the new moon, and the Moon will not Eclipse them with his light. The estimated activity of the Perseids this year – up to 60 meteors per hour. The beauty of shooting stars can be seen only if to get out of town, which is never dark enough for astronomical observations.

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Meteora is a phenomenon that occurs when combustion in the Earth’s atmosphere of small fragments of comets or asteroids. When entering the Earth’s atmosphere these fragments are strongly heated by friction and burn, which is accompanied by the beautiful effect of “falling stars”, during which it is customary to make a wish. Danger to human life is not, as the objects burn up at altitudes of 80-100 km above the planet’s surface.

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