The Earth’s magnetic field is weakening rapidly

Магнитное поле Земли быстро слабеет

Scientists blame the mysterious anomaly.

Geophysics from the University of Rochester found that during the last 160 years the Earth’s magnetic field is rapidly weakening.

From the magnetic field depends not only on the position of the earth’s poles, but also to protect from solar wind and cosmic radiation.

The region most excites scientists is the so-called South Atlantic magnetic anomaly stretching from Chile to Zimbabwe. The magnetic field above it so weak that cosmic radiation can destroy the electronics of aircraft and satellites.

“We are getting increasingly compelling evidence that the border between the core and the mantle there is something unusual that can have a significant impact on the global magnetic field,” says geophysicist John Tarduno.

Scientists have long known that the magnetic field is changing, but didn’t know how unusual that is for this region. The answer suggested by ancient rituals of the Bantu peoples living on the territory of the magnetic anomaly. During a drought they burned their mud huts, hoping thereby to summon rain.

“When you burn the clay at very high temperatures, you actually stabilizarea magnetic minerals. And when they are cooled, record the level of Earth’s magnetic field,” explained one of the experts, a geophysicist John Tarduno.

Thus, the artifacts that survived the arson, helped scientists learn that the weakening of the magnetic field in this region has happened before. Similar fluctuations occurred in the years 400-450 ad 700-750 years BC and 1225-1550 years BC

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