The eastern townships: a reminder of the importance of distancing

Estrie: rappel de l’importance de la distanciation

The public health Estrie observed some relaxation of the measures of alienation and is worried.

The regional director of public health, Dr. Alain Poirier, remember it is the respect of these measures which has helped to flatten the curve in the eastern Townships, which was at the beginning of the pandemic one of the most affected areas.

Even if new cases of COVID-19 enter the eye-dropper for many weeks, this is not a reason to let go, says the public health. The raising and consumption of alcohol are factors in the release of concern.

The figures show that fewer in the eastern townships are testing. In march, average of 351 people per day have passed the test in the eastern Townships, 297 in April, 282 in may and 261 in June.

Dr. Poirier does not consider it necessary for the moment to impose the mandatory wearing of the mask in enclosed public places. He hoped that the behavior of the population does not oblige the authorities to adopt a similar measure.


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