The economic recovery plan unveiled soon, no deficit in 2021

Le plan de relance économique dévoilé bientôt, pas de déficit en 2021

The economic recovery plan of the City of Montreal will be unveiled in “the coming weeks”, according to Valerie Plant.

The economic recovery will have to be gradual so as not to hinder the efforts to limit the spread of the coronavirus, she insisted.

No deficit

With the crisis of the COVID-19, the revenues of the City of Montreal has melted, the expenditures for the emergency measures have increased and economic activity is on pause, ” said Ms. Plant.

Despite the financial difficulties created by the pandemic, Montreal does not want to deficit by 2021, said the mayor.

Even if the administration Plant does not want to do deficit, the committee of experts, the economic recovery of Montreal nevertheless recommends that the québec government to grant a temporary right to the City to be able to run deficits.

A government financial assistance will have to be at the rendezvous to cover the shortfall in the budget for public transit and to cover the expenses for emergency measures, has supported the Valerie Plant.

Festivals online

To support the cultural industry in montreal, an expert committee suggests help for the big events to be transformed into festivals online.

The committee also recommends that to encourage the growth of more small events for 2020.

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