The effect of the magnetic field took slow motion video

Эффект магнитного поля сняли на замедленное видео

Fanciful dancing iron filings showed the video in slow motion. The video turned out incredibly beautiful.

In the Network published a video that shows the spectacular “dancing iron filings” around the falling magnet. Video slow motion shows everything that happens in minute detail.

The video was posted on YouTube-channel Magnetic Games. It shows how quaint lining up of particles of swarf along the lines of the magnetic field.

The author of the video was made by Mirko Pafundi, which lays out the various tricks with magnets.

“The magnets already explained scientifically, but there is still something magical”, he added.

Earlier it was reported that NASA revealed a 360-degree panorama of Mars, which presents the backbone of the Faith Rubin.

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