The EIB opened an investigation to Gaspé

Le BEI ouvre une enquête à Gaspé

GASPÉ | The Office of the independent investigations opened Wednesday an investigation, after a woman jumped off a balcony to escape the police, in the Gaspé peninsula.

According to the organization, the facts have taken place the previous day to 22: 55, due to the presence of boisterous people in an abandoned house.

On the spot, the police found a man and a woman who were on the balcony of the second floor.

The man was able to leave the scene, but the woman would have entered the house, and the police have sought to challenge it.

While she was looking for something in her purse, she attempted to flee the officers who were approaching it by jumping from the balcony.

The woman was wounded in the head and was transported to the hospital in a condition unknown.

The investigation was assigned six investigators that are expected during the day on-site intervention.

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