The elders, “forgotten of the déconfinement”

Les aînés, «oubliés du déconfinement»

At the same time as the government Legault allows new visits in NURSING homes and unveiled its plan déconfinement for accommodation centres, 67 doctors are sounding the alarm about the condition of concern to the seniors of Quebec.

“We cannot accept to attend passively to the deterioration of their faculties, of their autonomy, their quality of life, or even their dignity,” say the signatories in a letter sent on Thursday to the ministers of Health, Danielle McCann, and responsible for Seniors, Marguerite Blais.

Internists, geriatricians, geriatric psychiatrists, neurologists, general practitioners in care of the elderly and residents in geriatrics are very concerned about the adverse effects on the health of seniors confined 24 hours on 24, as physical as it is psychological.

“Our units of geriatrics are overloaded currently due to the impact of the containment. There is a lot of distress, ” says Dr. Fannie Lajeunesse-Quenching, resident in internal medicine at the Centre hospitalier de l’université Laval in Quebec city. We have a job to do quickly in order to rehabilitate them quickly. With the evolution of the situation, the risks of keeping seniors confined are greater than the benefits.”

“We see people who have lost cognitive functions and which are more prone to develop symptoms on mood, anxiety-depressive and suicidal ideation,” says Marilyn Simard, internist geriatrician at the Cité-de-la-Santé de Laval.

Repairs required

The two ministers caquistes are therefore arrested for making corrections of the urgent “to relax the sanitary measures in place in some schools, because they undermine way too important to the health of seniors”. According to the signatories, it should be a “government priority”.

“The government should deploy all efforts and all resources to repair, to the extent possible, the physical and psychological damage that the containment has already caused to the seniors,” can we read.

It is proposed that multidisciplinary teams composed of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, kinesiologists, psychologists, physicians, social workers, nutritionists, technicians, recreation therapists and volunteers are in place in both NURSING homes residential homes for older people (RPP).

“Since the déconfinement is switched on, the elders are the great forgotten of the government plan,” said Maude Lepine, a lawyer transformed into a patient care attendant during the crisis.

Quebec déconfine a little

However, the same day that the demands of the doctors were revealed, Quebec has relaxed its rules in a CHSLD. A letter of which The Newspaper has obtained a copy sent to all one-stop centers (academic) of health and social services of the province present the “plan of déconfinement”.

For NURSING homes that do not have a outbreak of the COVID-19, tours, outings and meetings outside will now be permitted.

The Ministry of Health states that “these measures could be strengthened if an increase of the COVID-19 occurred in Quebec.”

The staff providing care as the dentists, dental hygienists, audiologists will also be allowed, but only in areas without sars coronavirus.

“There is still much to be done, particularly in the RPP. We hope that our recommendations will be listened to and actually implemented very soon. It is a step in the right direction,” says Maude Lepine.

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